Mmmm… Batidos. They’re just milkshakes, really. But for some reason, they seem even more wonderful. I get them every single time I’m in Miami. A lot of people call them “Cuban Milkshakes,” but I get the feeling that the credit for them can’t be given to just one Latin American country. There have been so many overlaps and blending of foods and culture in general that it’s hard to say where the origins are. One thing I do know, though: Batidos are definitely loved and enjoyed by many. I used to get one right after I got off the plane in the airport, but that was before I started flying in so late. No matter, I still get my Batido fix somehow.

Maybe they’re so good because they’re made with fresh fruit. To be honest, I’m not really a milkshake person, but it seems like milkshakes are generally just ice cream blended up with milk. This is much different, but oh so much better. Creamy, fresh, satisfying. And healthier for you, I’m sure, although thats not nearly the best reason for having one. They’re simply delicious.

This morning, I made two. One of banana and one mango. I also really like papaya, but unfortunately I did not have any on hand. The others are good, though. Just make sure that you have nice, ripe, flavorful fruit, because that’s the main focus of the flavor. If the fruit isn’t good by itself, chances are it’s not going to taste that great in a Batido. Some people put in condensed milk or sugar to make it sweeter, but I just add milk and ice. Keepin’ it natural and simple.


Ripe, fresh Fruit of choice

Milk, about an equal amount as fruit

Several Ice cubes

A Straw


Blend all of the Ingredients in a blender until the ice is completely blended and the mixture is creamy. Taste a little. It’s supposed to be creamy like a milkshake, in taste, too (at least that’s how I like it). If it’s not creamy enough, add more milk, but be sure not to overpower the flavor of the fruit.

I didn’t have any this morning, but I recommend drinking it through a Straw. I enjoy it more that way.